Welcome to Life In VIP, our brand is aiming to revolutionizing the world of fashion and promoting a healthier lifestyle. We are dedicated to our mission of Green Fashion and Health Life by creating high-quality, affordable, safe, durable and stylish jewelry products, we are committed to providing to our customers with precious jewelry products that are not only affordable but also of the highest quality.


Our store was founded in 2018 in Hong Kong by Ms. SHERRY ZHANG and her husband Mr. HAIPING LIANG, in 2021 all the business have been moved to US locally. Life In VIP is a brand that combines fashion and health, offering a unique range of jewelry and other related fashionable products. We believe that fashion should not come at the expense of the environment or your health. That's why we have carefully curated a collection of jewelry that is not only stylish but also sustainable.


At Life In VIP, we offer our products at lower prices compared to traditional luxury brands. We achieve this by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to you. You can enjoy the luxury of precious jewelry without the hefty price tag. And our jewelry is made from ethically sourced materials, such as recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones. Our commitment to health goes beyond just the environment. We believe that what you wear can have a significant impact on your well-being. We want you to look and feel your best while wearing our products.


We are passionate about spreading the word about our brand and our mission through our blog, social media, collaborations with influencers, of course including you and all our customers. We aim to educate and inspire people to make conscious choices to fashion and lifestyle. Life In VIP is not just a brand, but a movement towards green fashion and a healthier life. With our commitment to sustainability, health, and affordability, we are redefining the world of jewelry for sustainability with high-quality fashionable products and VIP services!

Exquisite craftsmanship
The Most Exquisite Handmade Jewelry You'll Ever Own

What sets Our Life In VIP apart?

At Our Life In VIP, we understand that jewelry is more than just an accessory. It is a statement of style, a reflection of personality, and a symbol of elegance. That's why our professional design team is dedicated to creating jewelry pieces that are not only visually stunning but also carry a legacy of fashion and charm.

Our Life In VIP takes pride in the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each and every jewelry product. Our team of skilled artisans combines traditional techniques with modern innovation to create pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. From intricate metalwork to delicate gemstone settings, every detail is carefully considered to ensure the highest quality and beauty.

Handmade artdesign
Bringing fashionand charm to your life

A legacy of fashion and charm

When you wear a piece from Our Life In VIP, you are not just wearing jewelry. You are wearing a legacy of fashion and charm. Each piece is designed to tell a story, to evoke emotion, and to capture the essence of timeless elegance. Whether it's a necklace, a bracelet, or a pair of earrings, our jewelry is a work of art that transcends trends and stands the test of time.

Our Life In VIP is more than just a jewelry brand. We are a lifestyle. We believe that fashion and charm should be accessible to everyone, and our mission is to bring that vision to life. Whether you're attending a special event, celebrating a milestone, or simply want to add a touch of elegance to your everyday life, Our Life In VIP has the perfect piece to complement your style and enhance your charm.

Experience the legacy of fashion and charm with Our Life In VIP. Explore our exquisite collection of handmade art design jewelry and discover the perfect piece to tell your unique story.

Life In VIP is not just an ordinary jewelry store. It is a place where dreams come true, where elegance meets affordability, and where every piece tells a unique story. As a customer, I have had the pleasure of shopping at Life In VIP, and I can confidently say that it has been an experience like no other...

@Life In VIP brand, we believe that fashion should be both stylish and healthy eco-friendly. Visit our store LIFEINVIP.COM  and make a conscious choice towards a healthier and more fashionable life. Together, let's create a greener and healthier world!


From the moment I entered the website, I was captivated by the stunning collection of high-quality jewelry. The modern and minimalist styles immediately caught my eye, and I knew I had found the perfect place to make a statement. The
lab-grown emerald rings and moissanite earrings were simply breathtaking, and I couldn't wait to explore more, If you're looking for high-quality jewelry that makes a statement, look no further than Life In VIP. Trust me, you won't be

Kathy Macfarlane

Life In VIP team is dedicated to ensuring customer careness. Whenever I had a question or needed assistance, they were always prompt in response and went above and beyond to help me. One thing that truly impressed me is their commitment to customers. They offer a 30-day refund policy, a 30-day exchange policy, this level of confidence in their products speaks volumes about the quality and craftsmanship they deliver. It gave me peace of mind knowing that I could shop with confidence, knowing that my satisfaction was their top priority.

Marlene Greenspan

Life In VIP is great and offer exceptional products and customer service, the shipping process was quick and efficient, and I received regular updates on the status of my order. The fact that they offer free shipping and providing a hassle-free experience for customers. Overall, my experience shopping at Life In VIP has been nothing short of extraordinary. The passion and dedication they put into curating their collection, the exceptional customer service, and the commitment to customer satisfaction are what sets them apart in the market.

Liz. Muchas gracias